domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Edge and screw dislocations

Dislocations shown in previous slide are edge dislocations, have Burgers vector directed perpendicular to the dislocation line.

There is a second basic type of dislocation, called screw dislocation. The screw dislocation is parallel to the direction in which the crystal is being displaced (Burgers vector is parallel to the dislocation line).

Mixed/partial dislocations (not tested)
The exact structure of dislocations in real crystals is usually more complicated than the ones shown in this pages. Edge and screw dislocations are just extreme forms of the possible dislocation structures. Most dislocations have mixed edge/screw character.

To add to the complexity of real defect structures, dislocation are often split in "partial" dislocations that have their cores spread out over a larger area.
CI 18694836

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